Why I’m Running

Every person living in Monmouth should feel safe, cared for and treated with value.

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros Monmouth City Council-2020 Candidate

Safe and Inclusive Community

In order to move forward with providing the best services for our diverse community, city leaders, public officials and law enforcement agencies need to listen to their citizens. I support continued education for our police and city leaders to help understand the needs of this diverse community in order to build trust. I believe support for our police officers is essential as we strive to understand what is needed to address citizen concerns and build a community in which everyone feels safe and valued.

Economic Challenges

I support continuing the work that the City of Monmouth has initiated to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 on housing, small businesses and education. I intend to partner with community organizations to seek the best solutions to keep our community members housed, fed, employed and able to continue educational opportunities.

Educational Challenges

I support continuing the work started by the City of Monmouth, Central School District and Western Oregon University in adapting to our evolving educational landscape. I will listen to the needs and concerns of our K-12 families and WOU students regarding access to distance education as well as services that promote mental health and social development. I recognize the need to integrate community resources for affordable housing, childcare, and other essential human services in order to provide inclusive educational opportunities for Monmouth residents.

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