We Did It!

I can’t express to you the amount of gratitude I have for everyone who voted for me! I’m so excited to get to work and start serving our Monmouth citizens. I hope that I can count on each of you for advice and feedback throughout my 4 years. I will need your voices to help guide our city and make good decisions for everyone.

I do want to put out a call for volunteers. In an effort to engage our community and to diversify our leadership I will need your help. We have many vacancies on our boards and commissions. I would love your voices, knowledge and insight to guide any of these boards and commissions. We can keep this forward momentum if we work together. Please message me if you are interested in volunteering for our city.

Again, a big huge THANK YOU! You made this happen and now I have the privilege of representing you. I hope I make you proud and help influence positive change for all who live in Monmouth.

With gratitude,

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros (She, Her, Hers)

Council Member Elect

Monmouth City Council

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