Yard Signs Are In!

I hope this post finds you and your family well and safe! I myself am trying not to lose my mind with 5 of us online work and school.

My yard signs came in and a huge thank you goes out to my friend, Roxanne Beltz, for designing my signs and door flyers. Yard signs are $10 and can be purchased on this website or you can message me at friendsofrebeccaso@gmail.com if you would prefer to pay other than using PayPal.

I know times are hard right now and if you are unable to purchase a yard sign but still want one, I have some amazing people donating money specifically towards yard signs for others. Please send me a message if you would like a yard sign or know someone who would like a sign for free.

Carol McKiel is also running for Monmouth City Council and holds many of the same values as I do. If you would like to support her, just let me know and you can pay for one of her signs as well and it will be delivered.

Keep moving forward and take care!~Rebecca

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